Wisconsin DOT

  • Author: Craig Giesler
  • Posted:Aug 24, 2021 04:55 pm CDT
I would like to update our valued dealers on what’s been going on behind the scenes

As many of you are well aware, we have been talking about buyers licenses quite extensively for a while, the reason being the State has been clarifying and making changes as they see fit, which has not only had an impact on some dealers, especially out of state dealers, but has had an adverse impact on Wisconsin auto auctions.

Fox Valley Auto Auction and Jefferson Mid State Auto Auction started a few months back to try to find a happy medium but unfortunately we had to take legal actions against the DOT. Along the way, 3 other auctions joined us in the fight.
As of today, our efforts are starting to be recognized. We have been granted a temporary order which allows us to operate back to the original buyers license law from 2004. What does that mean for you? Well, we still have a long road ahead but at least we will be relaxing on trying to enforce something that negatively affects our ability to do business.
Please recognize the following auto auctions for diligently fighting for you, these are the only places that can operate under the original law:
  • Fox Valley Auto Auction
  • Jefferson Mid State Auto Auction
  • Central Wisconsin Auto Auction
  • Tri State Auto Auction
  • WMI Auto Auction
We have all invested countless hours and a monetary figure that I don’t even care to mention to be the best we all can be for our buyers and sellers!
We are well aware of 2 internet based auctions that have been in our area that don’t have to adhere to any “rules” or subject to requiring buyers to have a buyers license, they also haven’t been subject to audits and other disruptions to their business, as well as at least one of their representatives spreading rumors about some auctions facing suspension.
None of the 5 auctions involved in the fight can even face suspension during the order.
I would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of our customers, you are all the reason for our lawsuit.
We all truly appreciate your support and loyalty, please continue to support us all, we are all family owned and hands on operators!
Please feel free to contact me with any questions, we aren’t done fighting for you yet!
Craig Giesler
Fox Valley Auto Auction